Are You Making These Mistakes With Marketing Music?

Many people usually drop music that they work hard on, and it ends up only going so far. Maybe you barely reach 1 million streams, or you try to run a TikTok campaign and it goes absolutely no where. The strategies and tools in the ArtistGrowthKit have helped sell over 2 million records worldwide and generated hundreds of millions of impressions online. All for $79.

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Learn How Artists Actually Push Their Music In The Digital Era.

Over the past few years I started to collect the best growth hacks and strategies to push music online. I've been collecting and taking notes from experience working with the top labels like Republic, Columbia, and more. I've been using them for my projects and clients and they have been proven to work.

I wanted to put this in an easy digestible format, so you can increase your streams, fans, and overall revenue. This is all in a simple easy to use Notion document. Open, read, implement, repeat. Plus the lifetime deal means you get access to all the updates. The knowledge will only continue to grow and I will continue making updates to this as time goes on.

We Give You The Top Resources and Places Online To Push Your Music.

100+ Places To Post Your Music

Forums, communities, and websites where you can post your music 100% for free.

30+ Artist Communities

Find the best online communities where you can collaborate with other artists, producers, songwriters, and more.

Release Checklist

Every single artist needs a plan. Without a plan you just have a hobby at the end of the day. Gain access to a premium release checklist for your record. d

Marketing Templates & Strategies That Move Streams

We have worked with the top record labels in the world - use proven strategies and templates that are proven to work.
Brendan is so strong in the digital marketing space, he’s always staying ahead of the game knowing the trends of what works in other spaces and applying them to his work to innovate & disrupt.
He understands the culture and keeps a pulse on trends. And with his technical skills he’s able to strategize, prototype, and execute ideas from start to finish, which is inspiring to see.

If you study this at least once a week for the rest of the year I can personally guarantee you that you will have more growth and streams than you have had alone. If not I will give you your money back.

Brendan Kennedy

If You Don't Grow We Will Give You Your Money Back

The strategies and tools in the ArtistGrowthKit have helped sell over 2 million records worldwide and generated hundreds of millions of impressions online.

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  • 100+ Places to post your music
  • 30+ Artist communities
  • Premium Release Checklist
  • 20+ Marketing Templates

About The Creator

I help build brands using modern technology and creative digital marketing. In the past few years I have generated hundreds of millions of views and impressions online and have worked with some of the top internet influencers in the world to help sell 2,000,000+ records.I’ve been fortunate to collaborate and work with some of the world’s top brands including CAA, Yale, Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Paradigm Talent Agency, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Warner Music Group, Vevo, Brown University, Serato Studio, Rockstar Games, Overtime, Republic Records, Columbia Records, MLS, ESPN, Def Jam Records, Live Nation, Astralwerks Records, The Revels Group, Taylor Gang, Urban Outfitters, Tik Tok, Triller, USA Women’s International team, and more.

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